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 mod application

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PostSubject: mod application   mod application I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 24, 2011 11:30 am

Name: Kronos

In-Game name: Kronos

How often do u play the server?: 2-10 hours a day 3-6 days a week

Why I should be mod or Admin: Well I think i should be Mod or Admin is because I think i could help out in the server alot. By helping players in-game and on the fourms. I could also give some suggestions for new things like new mini-games. And new custom weapon's like Anger weapons, Dragon C'bow, death Cape, and much more.

How much experience do u have being mod or admin?: I have quite alot of experience in being a mod and some with being a admin in the last three years, i've been mod on 4 severs and admin on 2 of em. The reason I'm not playing them now is because they all went offline because of money issuse.

I hope u guys pick me, If not ill still play because this server is by-far one of the best server's i've seen the past three years i've been playing runescape privite servers. Wink

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Epic Fail
Epic Fail

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PostSubject: Re: mod application   mod application I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 24, 2011 2:16 pm

You post an application for mod and say that this is the best server you have played in a while. I saw you log in for about 1 minute, then log out.

You have also not read the application that I have posted. So your application has immediately been denied. You also do not play that long because the server hasn't even been up for that long.

You, sir, are an epic fail. Stop trying so hard to get mod. I bet you did the same shit with 20 other servers.

And another thing, those are 317 custom items. And they are not original. I have heard of those. And they look stupid.
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mod application
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