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 Mr Smexy staff application

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Mr Smexy


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PostSubject: Mr Smexy staff application   Mon Apr 25, 2011 7:29 am

Ingame username: Mr Smexy

How long have you played: 3 days, but i will play more

Combat level: something with 100

How many 99s: 1-hunter

Are you helpful/useful: yes

If so how: I will always help players and i can be useful giving server suggestions

Why you think you should deserve it: cuz i would help the server

Sponsors(people who will say that you deserve it): Assassin and Pk4lyf

Are you going to abuse your powers: No

How can I trust you: Becouse i would never do it

If players report that you are abusing powers, will you gladly give up your position:Yes, I would

I hope you will choose me to be a mod or and admin
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Mr Smexy staff application
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